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If I am not completely satisfied with my purchase, may I return it?

Yes, you may return for refund or exchange with other items. Please refer to our return and exchange policies page for details

Does Mosaic Jewelry items cover under warranty?

Any Mosaic Design Jewelry purchase comes with a 90-day limited warranty. Please refer to our return and exchange policies page for details

What does the "925" stamp on each Fine Sterling Silver Silver Jewelry item mean?

"925" is a international standard for quality silver jewelry. It means that the metal used in the piece consists of 92.5% pure silver, and 7.5% other mixed metals.

Why does Mosaic Design Jewelry item put rhodium plating on sterling silver?

Rhodium plating serves as a protective layer to prevent the sterling silver from tarnishing.

Is there any indicator or stamp to show rhodium plating on the jewelry?

There is no specific stamp or standard for rhodium plating on jewelry.

What is carat?

A carat is a weight factor for diamonds and gemstones. One carat is divided into 100 points, so a 50-point diamond is a half-carat stone.

When measuring the purity of gold, the term 'karat' is used in North America, leaving 'carat' to be used only when describing the weight of gemstones. One gold karat is 1/24 purity by mass, so a 24-karat gold ring would be 99.9% pure gold, an18-karat gold necklace would be 75% pure gold, and so on.

Is white crystal (cubic zirconia) weighted by carats, like diamonds?

Since cubic zirconia is not considered a precious stone, it is not weight by carats.

What are gemstones?

Gemstones are natural stones, it is not lab produced. 

Could I special order a set of jewelry in coloured gemstones?

Yes. However, since gemstone colours occur naturally, we may not be able to find enough gemstones that are exactly identical in colour for the whole set, especially if the stones required are of different shapes or sizes. That said, we will try our best to match the colours.

Does Mosaic Design Jewelry offer custom design?

Yes, we do offer custom design in diamond and gold wedding jewelry.  However, we do not offer in silver jewelry collection.

Can I personalize my Mosaic Design jewelry (i.e., with engraving)?

Yes. inside ring band, and other jewelry with flat surfaces can be engraved. All engraving will be done at Markham shop. Please contact us for details.

Is Mosaic Jewelry scratch resistant?

Generally, the question of scratch resistance does not pertain to metals. Scratches on brilliant finishes tends to be more visible than on matte finishes. Refinishing can remove light scratches, and this is a service we provide for a fee. Please contact us for a quotation.

Can I pre-order upcoming items or special order out-of-stock items?

Yes, you can pre-order or special order items online. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions..