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Enough about jewelry, let’s talk watches …

Nowadays, watches are becoming more and more commonly worn. Personally, I love watches myself. I currently only have 3, but I’m shopping for my next one already :). Generally, there are three common types of watches: Japanese Quartz Movement, Swiss Made, and Mechanical. Japanese Quartz movement watches are generally less expensive compared to Swiss Made watches. As a result, some people may call these watches fashion watches. They are also easier to maintain, as a battery is used as the key power source. Swiss Made watches are generally more expensive due to its parts being the finest Swiss materials. They also have a better power reserve compared to Japanese Quartz movement watches. Swiss Made watches are slightly more precise and accurate as well.

Last but not least, Mechanical watches, or also known as “automatic watches” do not require a battery, as they operate when you move. A spring is winding and transfers energy to other springs and gears to operate the watch. Mechanical watches should be able to last very long. However, if a defect occurred inside the watch, it would be very expensive and slightly difficult to repair. Which one is the best out of the three? Honestly, it’s personal preference (and depending on how much you want to spend on a watch!). Some may like their watches to be more stylish, while others want them to be more practical. What are your thoughts?

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  • July 14, 2015
  • Carly Law
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