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What to do when you can’t afford gold wedding bands?

Planning a wedding requires a lot of brain work and resources. Money can be a big concern when preparing for a wedding. Rings symbolize a special meaning for a couple, especially when they get married. Being on a tight budget sucks, but everything has to be perfect. What do you do? Cut down on expenses wherever you can!

Nowadays, wedding bands are produced using different materials. The traditional gold wedding bands are no longer the only option. Materials such as tungsten carbide and titanium are currently being used in wedding bands. Tungsten Carbide is a strong metal that is extremely scratch-resistant, making it more desirable for those who wish to keep their rings for a long period of time (also for those who are a bit more rough with their jewelry~). Its colour will also rarely change or tarnish, which makes it easier to maintain. Save money on re-coating a white gold band with a tungsten carbide ring instead ;).

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  • June 26, 2015
  • Carly Law
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