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14KT vs. 18KT vs. PLATINUM

What’s the difference?

Many people wonder what the difference between 14kt, 18kt and platinum is. Well, first of all, a higher karat number represents a greater amount of gold within the product. For 14kt gold, it is composed of 58% gold, and the other 42% is alloy metals. For 18kt gold, 75% of it is gold, while the other 25% is alloy metals. The combination of the alloy metals makes the piece of jewelry harder and less easily bent. The karat amount affects durability of the product. How is platinum different from gold? Needless to say, price wise, there is a big difference. The price of a platinum ring is usually double the price of the same ring made in 18kt gold. Platinum looks like white gold, except its colour won’t change.

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  • June 04, 2015
  • Carly Law
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